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Therapy and relief for migraine headaches

In the U.S. only, the NET-1000 and Net-3000 device will be made available to the consumers without making any medical claims of Safety or Efficacy. The NET-1000 and the Net-3000 are not FDA approved devices. The Net-2000 received FDA approval as a class III device, by prescription only for indications of depression, anxiety and insomnia.

For other Countries, in November of 1999, Auri-Stim Medical Inc. obtained a CE-Marking and approval from the EU (European Union), and the Canadian Ministry of Health for its products. It became an ISO-9002:04, ISO-13485: 96, ISO-13488: 96 certified that allows the company to market the devices in the respective Countries. The NET-1000, NET-2000 devices were labeled as nerve stimulators and classified in Class II and IIa, low risk medical devices with the intended use for Pain Control and Addictions Therapy.

In the past ten years, the Company had secured approval for the NET-1 device from the Ministries of Health of the following Countries: the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Australia. Permissions to export the device to the respective countries were also secured from the FDA. The Company is licensed to market its products in Canada by the Canadian Health ministry, Medical Devices Bureau. In the U.S. the FDA's approval of the NET-1000 device for smoking cessation at best is uncertain. The agency's insistence in animal studies/data has been an unreasonable demand, which has baffled the scientific communities.

For further information regarding the availability of the NET-Devices in Canada, and Europe please contact us.

This Technology is available for Licensing and Commercial Partnership. U.S. Patents are pending. Design Patent has been issued.