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Music Therapy and Relief for Migraine Headaches

Neuro Electric Therapy

Music Therapy and Relief for Migraine Headaches

Do you suffer from migraine or hormonal headaches, are you trying to stop smoking or other addictions? Have you tried other methods of relief only to be disappointed with the results?

Introducing the Net-1000 and Net-3000. Now you can use music therapy and gently treat your symptoms with neuro electric technology to eliminate your pain or addiction.

Both the Net-1000 and 3000 will provide a mild electrical current while allowing you to relax as you listen to your favorite music, all in the relaxed comfort of your home or office. This treatment is non habit forming and completely safe and effective. Treatment is completed when you no longer have withdrawal symptoms.

We invite you to examine our products and get to know our approach to using music therapy to treat headaches and addictions.

Auri-Stim Medical, Inc. developer of the Neuro-Electric-Therapy (NET-1000™) device is a privately held company. The company has solely funded the research and development activities since it’s inception. The device is capable of Auricular and Trans cranial electrical stimulation. It produces and delivers specifically defined electrical signals to electrodes placed in contact with the outer ears. The NET-1000 device is the next generation of Auricular therapy stimulator that has replaced the NET-I device. The device was used to collect data in all our clinical trials. Electronically and functionally NET-1000 device is more sophisticated than the NET-I.

The Company would like to acknowledge Bill and Phyllis Coors and the Coors Family Foundation for their contributions and grants given to the University of Colorado, Boulder, CO for the initial clinical trials.

Net-1000 LogoThe Net-1000 Logo is a symbol of good health.

The crane has long been the symbol of good health in different parts of the world. We use the crane in our logo to symbolize living a long and healthy life and being able to enjoy the sunset.

Use the Net-1000 and Music Therapy to treat your depression, migraine headaches or addiction today and start to feel better right away.

Please note: In the U.S. only, the NET-1000 and Net-3000 device will be made available to the consumers without making any medical claims of Safety or Efficacy. The NET-1000 and the Net-3000 are not FDA approved devices. The Net-2000 received FDA approval as a class III device, by prescription only for indications of depression, anxiety and insomnia.